What to Expect

I have a no-nonsense, practical approach to problem-solving, utilising my extensive experience in rapid response delivery of service in both clinical and non-clinical therapeutic environments.

During the course of on line sessions, you can expect to be provided with the sort of advice, suggestions and support that will effectively reduce stress, anxiety or prolonged sadness within a very short time frame. As I concentrate on short-term solution-focused strategies to problem solve quickly and effectively, I offer four different session options from which to choose. Daily, 14 days, 30 days and 3 months, all with unlimited access 24/7.

The fee has been kept to a minimum to ensure affordability for everyone requiring on line counselling. The ‘How To Start’ page provides the fee information and details of the session options.

You will receive an introduction email from the counsellor as soon as payment is made. This will include a simple list of questions for you to answer. These answers provide the starting point from which the counsellor may suggest the most suitable direction for forthcoming sessions to take. 

The progress and success of the sessions is dependent on the regularity with which you reply, the questions you might ask along the way and whether there are other issues that come to the fore during the process. These factors influence the rate at which progress is made. You will be encouraged to comment, ask questions and answer questions posed to you throughout the sessions. You are not expected to have to rely on the counsellor to find solutions, but you may feel confronted at times when thought-provoking questions or comments are made. This enhances your own skills to contribute your thoughts and develop your confidence in expressing yourself. You will be contributing towards reaching your own goals and needs as much as possible. This process also assists in you re-gaining or developing an improved sense of control over your life and taking responsible action where required.

Some important points worth remembering :

  • Experiencing or being subjected to frequent episodes of anxiety, trauma or sadness can have long term detrimental effects on both mental and physical well-being. 
  • Seeking help sooner rather than later can assist in reducing the incidence of stress-related illness.
  • Your confidence can progressively diminish due to certain life circumstances. It can also be progressively and effectively restored with the help of motivational counselling and by adopting some simple yet effective strategies for developing an improved sense of self-worth.

On Line Counselling from this service is for people over 18 years of age, unless arranged by the parent.