Your feedback is appreciated

At the end of your current on line sessions, you are invited to complete this short survey. If you complete the survey, you will be entitled to a free of charge follow up On Line consultation. You can nominate when you would like to be contacted in questions 5 & 6.

1. What was your reason for using an On Line Counselling Service:     (Please tick appropriate box)

    Unable to attend conventional appointments due to remote living/work location
    Do not like attending counselling in person
    On Line provides more flexibility
    Prefer to write than talk

    None of the above – please specify your reason    

2. When you decided to use an On Line Counselling Service, through what source did you find     Counselling Australia On Line?

     Google         Professional Referral         Friend/Family

    Was the website easy to find?    Yes         No

    What influenced your decision to participate with this service?
     The information provided on the website         The user-friendliness of the site
    or other – please specify:    

3. Did you find the counsellor replies

     too long         too short         adequate

     The frequency of counsellor replies were    adequate         inadequate

4. Which Session access option did you select

     14 Days         30 Days         3 Months

    Do you consider there are currently enough options available to choose from?     Yes         No

    How would you rate the service provided for the duration of your access
      Very helpful         Fairly helpful        Not very helpful

    Do you consider your option provided value for money when compared to other forms of counselling
     yes definitely         maybe        Not at all

5. Would you like Kerri to contact you for a free follow up session, after your current access period has expired:

     yes         no

6. If yes, when would you like this contact to be made

     1 month from now         2 months         6 months

7. Do you have any comments you would like to make in relation to the on line counselling process

    Write your comments here:    

8. Please provide your contact details:




Do you know someone who might benefit from On Line Counselling? If you recommend this service to a friend or acquaintance, they will be entitled to a free initial on line session. All they have to do is email me direct: and tell me they were recommended to this service by a friend.


This service is dedicated to maintaining its high standard and reputation for service delivery to everyone seeking On Line Counselling assistance.

On Line Counselling from this service is for people over 18 years of age, unless arranged by the parent.