I asked some of my clients from across Australia (and beyond) to provide just a few lines about their experience with this service. They were informed that I may quote their comment for the purpose of including it on my ‘testimonials’ page.  Their  comments might help others decide to try on line counselling too.
This is what they wrote :

PERTH WA, Leonie W. wrote:  

“When I was in that really stressful time in my life,  I’d stay up til all hours. I was looking for something like your service on Google and found your website.  Glad I met you when I did because I needed someone like you to understand what I was going through. You said a lot of things I could hold on to and remember all through those long empty nights.  When I went back to work I emailed you from there too which also helped me get through the days.  You being there to listen and send me replies was the only thing at that time I had that helped. I still appreciate it now and that was nearly two years ago.”

Exmouth, WA Katie R wrote:

“Kerri visits our town every year when she does her rural/remote visit I see her even if I don’t have a real problem, I go see her. I first used her website for counselling about three years back and was so impressed, I made a special effort to go see her when she was in town to thank her for her help. I would use the on line again if I needed it because it’s so easy and you always get a reply real quick. If I wrote late in the evening, there was always a reply the next morning which started my day a lot better. I don’t know what I would have done if this had not been available.”

Darwin. NT Gregg S. Wrote:

“I requested the 7 day crisis intervention access and Kerri was there every day, sometimes two or three replies just to help keep me going. She checked in when I was a bit slow to reply and I found her support amazingly helpful. I had not tried on line counselling before so it was a new way of doing things for me. I had never tried any counselling before and now I know how valuable it is to get help instead of thinking I have to do it alone. Can highly recommend this lady”

Remote QLD Maree O. wrote:

“I was reluctant to consider counselling until a friend suggested doing it online. SO glad I did and can’t really thank Kerri’s service enough for helping me right through the 30 days I signed up for. She was there, ready to answer any question I had and gave me lots of helpful support through a particularly bad time during my divorce. I would definitely do on line counselling again if I needed it. it’s a great way of getting help when you live remote. Services where I live are really not that easy to get to otherwise.”

Alice Springs Phillipa wrote:

“If you like writing better than sitting in someone’s office trying to look intelligent but being afraid of sounding a bit stupid, then counselling on line, is the way to go. Can’t recommend it highly enough if you want to get things off your chest at any time of the day or night and get heard and get advice with some very memorable suggestions too! Thanks Kerri”

Vic Gnaire M. wrote:

“Doing Fly in Fly out, I don’t have the time or energy to make appointments to go to counselling. I have been able to get help at the drop of a hat anytime I have needed it including at the airport where I can email when I have been waiting for flights sometimes. This sort of support line has made things a lot easier for some of my other FIFO friends as well. I got recommended to Kerri’s service by a friend and am very grateful for that.

Singapore Penny D. Wrote:

“Thank you for asking me if I would like to write something for your page. I remember that you helped me work through the issues I had brought with me to our first overseas posting. After my sessions with you, I was a lot better prepared to make an effort. I was able to get motivated and explore beyond the front door. Some of the unexpected ways you have of saying things made me sit up and take notice. I think a big plus with on line talk, is that you can be so much more relaxed writing and don’t have to be embarrassed if you are feeling or looking miserable as no one is going to see you ! You truly gave a refreshing way of looking at things and helped me through a really difficult patch. You’ll be interested to know that I’m still here.....considering extending to end of 2014”

USA Viv T. wrote:

"I’m an Australian living in Texas, USA, married here now. I was writing asking Kerri all sorts of questions about what I should do because I was in a bad situation at the time. She was always there with an answer really quickly and her advice and suggestions made a world of difference. I can’t remember the reason I chose her website but I think it was because I associated it with someone being able to help from back ‘home’. I was looking at all different things but this on line counselling popped up during a search, so I decided to try it. I never looked back. I would contact Kerri any time I had a problem, which I hope I don’t anymore, but I know she’s there if I do. I was very appreciative of the attention to detail and time she spent on her replies. I needed that. Thank you again Kerri.”

New Zealand Sue wrote:

“I saw online counselling for the first time in an article in the local newspaper. It was about your website and at that time I needed counselling but didn’t want to go and talk to anyone. I thought this was my chance to get some help without having to see anyone and that suited me very well. I wanted to remain anonymous so I used a different name to my real name and you didn’t mind. You gave me lots of time and gave good advice. This was great for me and I’m sure there are others out there with problems like mine . You have brought people in need, a nice and easy way of getting help. I’m glad you asked me to write about it”

Tasmania A.K. wrote:

" As a mum to 3 young children, living in a remote area, the thought of making time to see a counsellor and having to organise child care and travel to see someone was altogether too daunting. However I knew that I needed someone to talk to and thankfully I found this website. Over the course of several weeks Kerri helped me begin to restore my belief in myself and gave me the tools to continue doing this. She helped my husband and I learn to stop taking ourselves too seriously and just enjoy being together again. Her empathetic, yet direct, responses to my problems and questions have been invaluable in helping me get my life back on track. I received responses to all my emails and invariably I had more questions, which were then answered promptly as well. Not everything is perfect, but at least I have learned ways of dealing with things that had previously bothered me for years and years. I cannot recommend Kerri highly enough."

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On Line Counselling from this service is for people over 18 years of age, unless arranged by the parent.